Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dooms Day?

Hello People of the Internet,

Random Fact Time: Did you know that 11% of people are left handed?

So, it's the night before the supposed 'Dooms Day'. Personally, I don't believe its going to happen. Yeah the Mayan calendar runs out but, shouldn't it just start again? I mean our calendar runs out every twelve months and you don't see everyone running around in sheer panic shouting that the worlds going to end, do you? No. However, I do think it's cute some of the story's you hear...

There is a village in France that is situated at the foot of a mountain, normal village in a nice place you may think. Well since the dooms day rumours some people have decided that, wait for it...The mountain contains a space ship and upon the announcing of the apocalypse, people will rush to the mountain and the space ship will protect them and take them to a foreign land or something like that. Now, I'm not trashing people that believe this although I don't; if you Do, go ahead. I would just like to talk about the human race and their ability to create and put their belief into simple things to help them continue with life, it amazes me how the human being comforts with such methods.

The human mind is such a great thing! I truly look up to these people who can keep belief even in the darkest moments, its quite a quaint thing really.

I'm going to shut up now,
See You!

- Emm x

Quote: 'One does not simply walk into Mordor' Boromir, Lord of the Rings Trilogy; The Fellowship of the ring.

^^^Showing my nerdyness now ;) Oh God!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Being Ill Sucks!

Hello People of the Internet,

Random Fact Time: Did you know that a hippo's milk is actually pink? :o

This is the first officall blog I suppose, so what's been going on in your little world I hear you shout (I know no-one asked, just be nice and let me dream, okay!). Well I shall tell you, not much. The past two weeks have been spent keeled over coughing and trying to throw up my lungs, yes, I'm ill! Yay
:(... I seem to have contracted some kind of super bug thats intending to kill me slowly and painfully, so I've been having fun. My days have consisted of sleeping, eating a little when I can and more recently playing Jak and Daxter in the study.

Yes! If you haven't guessed I'm kind of a gamer, I'm not just talking about the nice little games like Mario Kart and Jak and Daxter...I'm the whole, stay in when ever I can and live on Skyrim and Call of Duty. I have NO life!

Any way back to me being ill...It sucks. Thats it...On a brighter note 19 days until Christmas! Woop woop! Can we all be exited, yes, I think we can. My dad has decided it's a good idea to put up our 8ft snow man in the living room, I'm feeling SO Christmassy! We have a Christmas show coming up at the livery yard I keep my horses on, it shall be fun. It's basically all the kids and adults messing around for a whole day with food. I mean it's great fun, we have loads of classes on for the horses and the people who organise it are great so that should be a good day ahead for me. Fun! Fun! Fun! I have my Chistmas hat ready!

So enough of my droning...
See You!

- Emm x

Quotes: 'Your mouths writing cheques your body can't cash' Top Gun!


Hello People of the Internet!

I'm Emma! Call me Emm, everyone else does!
This is my blog (Well duh Emm, their reading it) it's bascially whatever is going on in the tiny little brain, it's not much guys don't worry.
I better introduce myself properly before you get lost in my own little world! I shall do it through the medium of a fact file (I'm so 21st century).

Name: Emma.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Hair Colour: Blonde.
Pets: Cat (Tilli), Dog (Teddy), Horses (Harvey & Malachy).
Hobbies: Horse Riding, Creative writing (A fun way of saying I write fanficiton) and reading. (I'm full of interesting hobbies aren't I).

Random Fact: I like walking for long periods of time, not knowing where I'm going or what time it is with my dog! (I have so many friends :'(...Note the extensive use of sarcasm :P )

So that's enough waffeling for one blog post me thinks.
See you!

- Emm x

P.S: I'm going to leave a little quote at the end of each of these blogs and a random fact at the start of them! So here's the first quote!

Quote: 'You don't just walk into Mordor' - Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings Triology.