Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Being Ill Sucks!

Hello People of the Internet,

Random Fact Time: Did you know that a hippo's milk is actually pink? :o

This is the first officall blog I suppose, so what's been going on in your little world I hear you shout (I know no-one asked, just be nice and let me dream, okay!). Well I shall tell you, not much. The past two weeks have been spent keeled over coughing and trying to throw up my lungs, yes, I'm ill! Yay
:(... I seem to have contracted some kind of super bug thats intending to kill me slowly and painfully, so I've been having fun. My days have consisted of sleeping, eating a little when I can and more recently playing Jak and Daxter in the study.

Yes! If you haven't guessed I'm kind of a gamer, I'm not just talking about the nice little games like Mario Kart and Jak and Daxter...I'm the whole, stay in when ever I can and live on Skyrim and Call of Duty. I have NO life!

Any way back to me being ill...It sucks. Thats it...On a brighter note 19 days until Christmas! Woop woop! Can we all be exited, yes, I think we can. My dad has decided it's a good idea to put up our 8ft snow man in the living room, I'm feeling SO Christmassy! We have a Christmas show coming up at the livery yard I keep my horses on, it shall be fun. It's basically all the kids and adults messing around for a whole day with food. I mean it's great fun, we have loads of classes on for the horses and the people who organise it are great so that should be a good day ahead for me. Fun! Fun! Fun! I have my Chistmas hat ready!

So enough of my droning...
See You!

- Emm x

Quotes: 'Your mouths writing cheques your body can't cash' Top Gun!

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